Improvement of Li-ion Battery Active Balancer Using PI-Controller




PI controller, State-of-Charge , MOSFET, Lithium, Diode, Cell balancing


This paper presents simulation and design for the improvement of Li-ion battery ac-tive balancer using PI controller. The growing market for lithium ion (Li-ion) battery cells has made a positive impact towards electrical energy storage (EES) system throughout the advancing technological and scientific world. Balancing in a battery pack has become a main priority to avoid over-charging and over-discharging while also improving the Li-ion battery life. Unlike passive balancing, active balancing transfers the energy from one cell to another or controls the cell’s output, thus im-proving its efficiency. This paper presents how previous work was accomplished by many scholars in order to avail themselves of the active balancing project. A cell model was shown in this paper that was built based on energy transfer circuit theo-ries. A capacitor(C), inductor (L), MOSFET (M) and Diode (D) were used in the circuit build in order to balance the cells of different State-of-Charge (SOC). A PI controller was added with circuit to improve the voltage efficiency. After adding PI controller, the voltage balance of the cell was seen improved.


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